DbcH SQLite

SQLite database manager


The project itself is hosted in https://github.com/alkresin/dbc_sqlite.

There is a number of tools to manage SQLite databases, so the first question is:
    Why to develop yet another ?

   First of all, I want to learn SQLite features more, and writing a database manager is a good method, I think.
   Secondly, I'm not satisfied with an interface of most existing tools. When I open some database, the main thing that interests me, is a data in it. What tables it contains and what data are contained in these tables. The indexes, views and triggers are a secondary type of a database contents and I don't want to see them immedeately after the database is opened for they do not distract attention from the main. I need only to have the possibility to look at them separately, if this will be necessary.
   Thirdly, at the moment I begin to develop it (December 2014), most of existing tools didn't include support of some new sqlite features. For example, they didn't open databases, which had tables "WITHOUT ROWID" at all!
   And, at least, I want to have a possibility to add any feature when I will need it.

Current version of DbcH_SQLite (0.92) includes the following possibilities:

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