Harbour ( look at. an article in Wikipedia ) - is a programming environment for Clipper compatible language. A few years ago, in early 2000-tion, I would say that this is a programming environment for the Clipper, but now the syntax is extended so much, that we can speak of a new language that is compatible with the Clipper down - i.e. all programs, written for Clipper, will be compiled by Harbour, but not vice versa. The programming environment includes the same as the Clipper's - RTL, debugger, utilities, and, in addition, a number of new libraries, utilities, and IDE.

Harbour - a cross-platform environment, it runs under Windows, Linux, Mac OS, under various Unixes, mobile platforms, and maybe even for something else, there is a 16 -, 32 - and 64-bit versions. If your program is written in console mode (sometimes incorrectly referred to as DOS), it can be compiled in any of these environments, and everywhere it will work and look the same. If you use a graphical interface, to achieve complete portability is somewhat more complicated, depending on the GUI-library that you selected.

Harbour belongs to the world of Open Source software. It is released under the GPL with an exception, which states that the programs, created by means of Harbour, are not covered by the GPL and may be distributed under the license, which will select the developer.

Below are links to some Harbour related stuff, that I recommend you to read:

Why Harbour ?

Harbour - step by step.

Harbour for beginners - Harbour manual.

A page about HwGUI - Win32/Linux GUI library for Harbour.

GUI debugger for Harbour.

Harbour for Android - a sample of a Harbour application for Android devices.

HDroidGUI - a framework for Android and Harbour.

Hrb4fann - Harbour bindings for FANN (Fast Artificial Neural Networks).

Programs written on Harbour - DbcH, KSOrganizer, simple mysql client, SNR2 - Search and Replace utility, and its graphical version - Fileagent, Five stones ( Windows version was written on Delphi, but Linux version - on Harbour + HwGUI ).

an official Harbour site - harbour.github.io.

Harbour on Sourceforge.

Harbour developers forum/mailing list.

Harbour users forum/mailing list.

A number of user made Harbour docs on the docs.google.com

xHarbour users group - comp.lang.xharbour, it is useful for Harbour, too.

A page with fresh deb packages for Harbour and HwGUI, provided by Alain Aupeix.

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