Utility for building programs written in Harbour

HwBuilder is an alternative to hbmk, especially targeted at building GUI programs, although console programs can also be built with it. I tried to make it as convenient as possible to minimize efforts to use it. See the description in the notes:

HwBuilder - project file
HwBuilder - examples

Below are the command line parameters:

    hwbc <files>  [options...]
     -bcc              use the Borland C compiler
     -mingw            use the Mingw C compiler
     -msvc             use the MS Visual Studio
     -comp=<compiler>  use C compiler with specified id
     -gui=<guilib>     use GUI library with specified id
     -lib              build a library
     -clean            erase project obj files
     -q                shortened output
     -gt<lib>          use specified GT library
     -{<keyword>}      a keyword-condition for a project file
     -pf<options>, -prgflags=<options>  options for Harbour compiler
     -cf<options>, -cflags=<options>    options for C compiler
     -l<libraries>, -libs=<libraries>   a list of additionas libraries
     -sp<path>, -srcpath=<path>         a path to source files
     -o<name>, -out=<name>              a path and name of output file
     @<file>           include file
     -i<name>, -ini=<name>              a name of ini file

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