This is a program for those who are beginning to get used to the world of music, trying to learn the basics of musical notation, develop an ear for music.

Using the virtual piano, listen to and memorize the sound of different notes on different instruments - piano, violin and recorder are now supported, memorize the names of the notes and how they looks on the stave.

Play simple melodies, saving the result of your work in files of a special lm format. You will find several ready-made lm files in the /notes directory. You can import melodies from files of popular formats MuseScore (mscz), MusicXML (mxl), midi and export your work to these formats.

A simple built-in note editor will help you, which allows you to edit the duration of notes, insert pauses, break the melody into measures, set the time signature and key signature, set ties.

The built-in player plays the created or loaded melody, allows you to change the volume, tempo, connect the metronome. By the way, the metronome can be turned on separately if you need it for home playing music.

The program includes a set of tests, for now these are tests for melodic intervals. Perhaps they will allow you develop an ear for music. Test results are saved and you can always analyze your progress - special reports are provided for this (Analysis menu item).

The program was written with Harbour and HwGUI. For sound implementation libsndfile and portaudio was used.

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