HwGUI is a GUI library for Harbour/xHarbour, which I had started to develop in summer'2001. It brings to Harbour the possibility to create real OOP-based GUI applications. Look, for example, at KS Organizer, presented on this site, it is written on Harbour+HwGUI.

HwGUI has the same license, as Harbour - the GNU GPL with an exception, which says that "if you link the HWGUI library with other files to produce an executable, this does not by itself cause the resulting executable to be covered by the GNU General Public License".

HwGUI has two versions - for Windows and Linux. Windows version is based on direct calls of Win API - this allows to keep it quite fast and compact. Linux version is based on GTK, it supports the same set of classes, commands and functions as the Win32 version, though not all yet. Thus, using some base subset of HwGUI, you can create cross-platform GUI applications.

HwGUI has its own GUI debugger, more details are here.

You may start learning HwGUI with the interactive tutorial (look at the links in the top left corner of this page). This is a program, written on Harbour and HwGUI, which allows you to view sample pieces of code, modify them and execute.

HwGUI includes the visual Designer - a powerful tool, which allows to create screen forms and reports. These forms and reports are stored in separate xml files, and can later be edited by Designer or, what is sometimes more quick way, by any text editor. Important thing is that they can be used under Windows or Linux - independently of where they was created. The use of these forms brings to your applications great flexibility - it gives the possibility to change the appearance and behavior of the application without modifying the executable file.

Currently Win32 version of HwGUI supports 5 C compilers: Borland C, MS Visual C, Mingw, Pelles C and Open Watcom C.

Since the autumn'2003 HwGUI is hosted by SourceForge, and there is a group of developers working on it. You are welcome, too !

The url to get sources with the help of SVN is:

    svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/hwgui/code/trunk hwgui-code

You can also take a look at online documentation of HwGUI

There is a forum ( message board ) about HwGUI on Sourceforge.

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