Clipper ( look at an article in Wikipedia ) is a programming language from the xBase-family, and a programming environment, which includes a compiler for this language. When compared, for example, with C - we have a C language and various programming environments for C - Borland C Builder, Microsoft Visual C, etc. The programming environment Clipper includes, besides the compiler, RTL ( Run-time library ), suitable fullscreen debugger and a set of utilities. Last version of a Clipper programming environment- 5.3 was released in 1995, last patch - 5.3b - in 1997. Later other programming environments for a Clipper language appeared. One of them, and, probably the most successful, is Harbour. There is a section on this site about it. The programming environment Clipper I do not use for a long time already, but the Clipper language I actively use so far with Harbour programming environment.

The following materials have been created previously (in the early 90's) for Clipper, but with the same result ( excepting mouse support module ) can be used in a Harbour environment.

Dbc, binaries and sources
- extended DBU - database utility, with many useful features, including create/execute queries with SQL syntax.
Query optimization
- an article about methods, allowing vastly accelerated performance of such operations, as a searching, filtration etc., with source code and sample.
Mouse for Clipper applications.
-An article about adding mouse capabilities into Clipper application with source and sample.
More Clipper stuff, all with source, including
Report engine for DOS and Windows Clipper applications Source and sample of report - DOS and Windows versions.
- module for large text file view with possibility of printing (whole text or block),
- calculator,
- utility for modifying databases using simple script, it is convenient when you need to make upgrade of your program for few or more clients.
- browse module with mouse support.
- Ini file reading - function, (with source code and sample) which can load from ini files arrays of any structure, described in natural form, codeblocks and other variables.

And yet another link - the mirror of a well known Oasis of Phil Barnett.